• Our job

    to make quality leaders

  • Straight talking

    breeds trust

  • Creating a setting

    that encourages peak performance

  • United

    with a common aim

  • Involving

    all levels of the organisation

  • Nurturing


  • Training

    for the real world

What we do

We help management create a setting that encourages peak performance levels

Three simple ideas :

  • - Committed employees are those that feel they are at the core of the management process
  • - Operational organisations are those where working well is in everyone’s interest
  • - Efficient managers are those that share the rules of the game that apply to everyone

CEE Management helps business leaders to implement a high performing management policy that involves management on every level in order to maximise progress for employees and the company as a whole


We excel in the following areas:

  • - Accompanying successful business projects 
  • - Making multicultural teams work well together
  • - Encouraging teamwork, doing away with the “silo mentality”
  • - Catalysing teams for maximum client service
  • - Balancing management/union relations


Straight talking

  • - The very basis of trusting and smooth relationships between managerial levels
  • - It requires listening skills, humility and respect for others
  • - It reinforces understanding and mutual assistance
  • -The result: solidarity, a group dynamic, the will to move forward together

A united team dedicated to the client: the common goal

  • - Client satisfaction is the company's endgame
  • - It orients the human resources, financial, technical and environmental aspects of the company
  • - The result: the commitment of each team member and all levels of the organisation to long-term client satisfaction

Associate responsibilities with power: the nail and the hammer

  • - A manager is expected to take responsibility for the consequences of his or her acts (to hold the nail). He or she is owed the freedom to act (to wield the hammer)
  • - Long-term effectiveness comes when the associated nails and hammers are delegated
  • - The result: organisations that know how to delegate

A concrete and pragmatic approach

First of all, we observe behaviour

  • - We systematically base our training on reality as experienced by managers and employees
  • - This approach allows us to detect real dysfunction and to reflect on strategic solutions

We involve all management levels, starting with the CEO

  • - Each stage happens with the close involvement of management
  • - Management is always involved in our approach: this consolidates its credit/ position

We bring management and employees together around clear principles

  • - We cultivate a state of mind, with rules and reflexes that are shared by all
  • - We define common rules, complementary objectives and implement tangible tools

Different modes of intervention

Advising management

  • - We collect facts and analyse situations
  • - We boost strategic reflection
  • - We accompany the implementation of a management policy

Team coaching

  • - We create conditions of trust
  • - We bring talent together to serve a shared project and target
  • - We highlight and encourage solid synergies

Management training

  • - We enable clients to (re)discover the basics of management
  • - We feel that managing people is an art to be cultivated rather than a technique to be learned

Individual accompaniment

  • - We encourage confidence and responsibility
  • - We help people to grow, to get to know themselves better, to find their inner talent and their relational potential



  • Albioma
  • Artelia
  • Bouygues Immobilier
  • Bruneau
  • Centre départemental de l'élevage ovin
  • Chereau
  • Chimex-L'Oréal
  • Clinique Mutualiste de la Loire
  • DCNS
  • Demeyere
  • Diehl Metering
  • Domino Interim


  • DRAC Poitou-Charentes
  • Eurial
  • Eurokera
  • Euromaster
  • Expertime
  • Gepsa
  • Groupe Groupama
  • Groupe Nation
  • Hinojosa
  • Hutchinson
  • Idea Groupe
  • ISS France


  • La Banque Postale
  • Lactalis
  • Chimex
  • Lafarge Holcim Afrique
  • Lafarge Holcim Moyen-Orient
  • Legrand France
  • Les Mousquetaires
  • Les Résidentiels
  • MAF
  • Michelin
  • MPO
  • NXO
  • Oresys consultants
  • Le Puy du Fou


  • Renault
  • Saint-Gobain Eurokera
  • Saint-Gobain Glass
  • Solvay
  • SPI
  • STEF Transports
  • Total Pau
  • UIC
  • Veolia
  • Vivalto Santé
  • Volvo Trucks Hagerstown
  • Volvo Trucks Lyon


  • Food industry
  • Armament
  • Insurance
  • Automobile
  • Banks
  • Consulting
  • Distribution / Retail
  • Packaging
  • Energy
  • Real estate
  • Industry
  • Logistics
  • Medicine - social
  • Pharmacy
  • Health
  • Service to
  • Companies
  • Public service
  • Entertainment
  • Transports
  • ...



    Paul Carvalho, Factory Director Renault Cléon

    « In the end when you trust more, listen more, are more benevolent, you get a higher level of responsibility, and as such, more progress for yourself, the team and the company »


    Jean de Corbières, HR director BRUNEAU

    “With the help of the CEE at Bruneau, we developed a culture of responsibility at every level with the associated power… Without this common-sense approach, with simple things based on obvious notions of leading by example, responsibility, company governance that enables everyone to work well, we cannot function”


    Jean-François Marguet, CEO DIEHL METERING

    « The CEE brought to life a process for which the seeds had already been planted in our company. Saying to our employees: “we want to give you more, you are capable of giving more”, forcing us to think about what more we could give them, how to show them they are important, that they can influence the decision-making process and the fate of the company, this was an extraordinary breakthrough »


Today, CEE Management has up to thirty consultants

CEE Management is not a consultancy or a network, it is an association of independent entrepreneurs who share the same anthropological vision as to the central role of people in business and in all management

Our association-based structure is part of our DNA: it brings the dynamics of entrepreneurship, a wealth of multiple, regularly shared, experiences, the strength of common convictions and the flexibility essential for adapting to the needs in the field. It is one of the main keys to our success

All of the consultants at CEE Management have at least ten years’ experience in business. Most of them have worked in top management and in international companies
We work in French, English, German, Arab, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese

    • Florent VILLEDEY
      President of CEE Management

    • Vice-President
      of CEE Management

    • Sarkis ROUHBAN

      of CEE Management

    • Jean-Pierre MAUGENDRE

      of CEE Management

    • Bertrand TIXIER

      Vice-President of CEE Management

    • Michel VALADIER




    • Hugues MOREL


    • François-Joseph VELLA


    • Norbert MALLET


    • Benoît LE CONTE


    • Pierre LAUZERAL


    • Hubert de SAIZIEU


    • Fabrice PLANTIER


    • Philippe CHAVATTE


    • Henry DESTREMAU


    • Olivier GAIDE


    • Christophe de BOIRY


    • Consultante

    • Elie de GASTINES


    • Mickaël LOEUILLE


    • Jérôme d’ABOVILLE


    • Jean-Marie DESAUTARD


    • Philippe BOUAULT


    • Eric de MALLMANN


    • Jean-François HERCHIN



Newsletter: The CEE Management newsletter

The newsletter is published four to six times a year and encourages the sharing of experiences. It includes testimonials from company directors, practical advice, in-depth information on the CEE rules of play as well as an “etymology” section

Recently pusblished :
N°105 – Les 5 principes CEE au service de la performance

Magazine : Les Cahiers Bleus de CEE Management

Published once or twce a year, it brings together practical applications and in-depth reflection

Recently published :
N°156 – Discerner pour décider et agir
La vertu du manager

Book : Responsible

First published in 2007 and reprinted in 2014, this book brings together the words of Antoine TAFANI with illustrations by KANG. The result is a tasty cocktail of anecdotes that make it a veritable treatise on management by example.


For a number of years now, CEE Management has organised management seminars that bring together company directors to discuss a management issue along with important guests
It is the perfect occasion to share stories and experiences with other managers

The Journée des Dirigeants 2016 (2016 Management Seminar) took place at the Collège des Bernardins in Paris with the theme “Management models and company performance”
Guest speakers included:

  • - Jean-François Marguet, President of Diehl Metering, who spoke of the actions of CEE within his company
  • - Thierry Bolloré, Chief Competitive Office at Groupe Renault who spoke of his experience: “Transforming the culture at Renault to boost performance”

Edition 2017

Journée Dirigeants 2017 took place on October 3rd at the Maison de l’Amérique Latine in Paris on the theme: “Transforming our management” with contributions from:

  • Loïc Le Doaré,
    Head of operations at Groupe Legrand:
    “The five principles of CEE that boost performance”
  • Philippe Knoche,
    Managing Director of Areva:
    “Crisis and transformation: a test of leadership”